Motionlab goes loopy with latest mobile game release

The gaming division at Lancashire full-service digital agency Motionlab is hoping to make it a trio of successful mobile game releases with the launch of 50 Loops.

Available exclusively for the Apple platform as a free download, 50 Loops has what it hopes to be a very simple, but highly addictive premise.

Whilst charging their way down each colourful looping road, gamers need to be fully focused and have lightning reactions to avoid the electrified blocks that lie in their path.

A gentle tap of the screen with meticulous precision is all it takes to jump over them. But the difficulty level rises as every loop gets faster and more obstacles get added to the road as players are challenged to surpass 50 Loops.

What lies beyond the 50th loop? Nobody quite knows.

Created by Motionlab Interactive, players can see how they stack up against the rest of the world with Game Center Leaderboards. It also utilises Everyplay which records each performance and allows players to share their best runs.

Users can also send out a challenge their friends and power their way through 24 challenging achievements.

Motionlab’s head of apps, Alan I’Anson said: “Though it was only released just over a week ago, gamers have already begun posting some impressive efforts at completing the game via social media. We look forward to seeing if anyone is skilled enough to progress through that elusive 50th loop.” 50 Loops is the agency’s third in-house built gaming app after ‘Chuck Saves Christmas’ and the multi-selling ‘Darts Match’.