Motionlab fuels the appetite for Veganuary campaign

Throughout January, an estimated 3,300 people across the UK and abroad adopted a strictly plant-based diet for ‘Veganuary’ a newly launched campaign promoting the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle; conceived by founder Matthew Glover and brought to life by digital agency Motionlab.

The team at Motionlab were given creative licence in terms of brand origination.

After playing around with various concepts agreement was reached on the ‘Veganuary’ name which they hope will eventually earn the same widespread recognition and appeal that the ‘Movember’ charity enjoys.

Their input into the project also encompassed the creation of an enticing online platform integrating video content, full brand design formulation, video art direction and the determining of the tone of voice required to encourage individuals to sign-up and completely ditch meat and dairy products for a 31-day period.

Subsequent to the ‘Veganuary’ site going live at the end of November, people from 77 different countries registered their involvement online including famous names such as Leona Lewis and Uri Geller. Individuals residing as far as the USA, South Africa, and Australia, and even in places like Guatemala, Uganda and Antarctica took part helping save hundreds of thousands of animals whilst raising money for UK-based Vegetarian and Vegan Campaigning Charity Viva!

The site has received in excess of 60,000 visits and more than 164,000 page views since its launch as participants sourced a database full of delicious vegan recipes and it wasn’t long into the campaign that it began to attract valuable press attention from the BBC, The Guardian and MSN News.

Its immediate success also saw Tesco and Ocado jump on the ‘Veganuary’ bandwagon by directing participants to their respective selections of vegan dishes to push the cause. Next year, the concept will be developed further as the organisers look to promote the vegan challenge worldwide and further increase global participation.