Moose launches social media workshops

Moose Media Management Ltd, a social media agency based in the Ribble Valley has just launched a new CPD accredited training course designed to change the way organisation’s think about social media forever.

The course, the first of its kind in the UK, is entitled: Utilising Social Media Effectively: Becoming a Successful Advocate for Your Organisation and is aimed at non-PR specialist employees within any organisation. It is particularly relevant for CEOs, directors, senior management and marketing executives that want an understanding of how to increase the impact of their organisation’s social media output.

How do you improve your engagement levels with your customers through social media; how can you grow your ‘reach’ and ultimately how do you deepen and develop relationships with customers and generate more leads? The answers lie within developing Employee Advocacy through social media.

An article in Gartner this year highlighted the problem many organisations face with Social Media: “84% of people trust recommendations from people they know but only 15% of people trust recommendations from brands.”

Organisations that recognise this phenomena are turning to Employee Advocacy to enable them to get closer to their customers. Moose Media Management’s new course equips employees with the skills, knowledge and understanding as how best to utilise their existing personal social media networks to support their organisations.

Graham Campbell, managing director of Moose Media Management, said: “In my view employee advocacy represents the dawn of a ‘new’ social age for business and companies of all sizes should be looking to develop their advocacy programs to finally draw significant returns of investment from Social Media.

"The average employee has over 160 connections on LinkedIn and more than that on Twitter: multiply those connections by the number of employees and that’s some ‘tail’ to your organisation’s online presence. What’s more, those connections are invested in your employees already, by virtue of their continued online patronage.

"There’s already a shorthand of trust established around employees’ social media profiles that can take organisations and brands years and millions of pounds to generate through direct marketing alone. That’s why employee advocacy is going to be a very powerful marketing force in years to come and that’s why Moose Media Management are determined to help.

"Our new course will start employees on a journey towards utilising their networks and their professional trust in a strategic way that supports their business. Although we think that initially CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs will be interested in this; the course is of real value to any employee an organisation believes can help them with their social reach and trust.

"That might be the MD that already has extensive professional gravitas and connections, but it could just as easily be an apprentice with an unusual hobby that fits in with a brands target demographic; or the part-time Mum that has an impressive following on her blog. Our course will not only inspire them to become cheerleaders for their organisations but to think about their output strategically and in-line with the existing aims and culture of their company.

"We are really excited to be launching this training course and delighted that it has received accreditation from CPD. It demonstrates to employees and organisations the added value it can bring and supports our belief that employees are a company’s greatest asset."

The first Training course will be held on October 28th 2015 at Stanley House Hotel, Blackburn. Further courses at the same venue are planned for November and December 2015, before a nationwide roll-out in 2016. Any organisation interested in the course or who would like more information can contact Graham and Moose Media Management at: 01200 400 121