Moorhouse’s to brew 1m pints by solar power

Burnley brewer Moorhouse's has installed 169 solar panels, which will generate enough energy to brew one million pints each year.

Moorhouse's Brewery solar energy

The 50 KWp solar panel system will offset more than 400,000 kg of CO2 over the next 20 years.

Installed by Energy Gain UK, the new setup will produce around 42,000 units of electricity per annum, the equivalent of powering almost 250 homes for one year.

The installation comes as the UK's summer heat wave saw solar briefly become the UK's number one energy source.

Lee Williams, Moorhouse’s managing director, said: “This is all about our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy like this is a key part of our strategy. "Quite rightly there is a greater expectation from consumers for companies to act more responsibly and they can now make a positive difference through the beer they drink, without compromising on quality. The power generated from the new solar panels will help the brewery to brew in a more sustainable way for years to come.”