Mixing digital marketing with traditional

The marketing world is changing: we predict that 2020 will bring further changes which businesses will need to adapt to. 

It can be daunting to try to keep up with marketing trends, online and offline, with pictures of cats taking selfies and pointless viral memes. 

This may leave some businesses feeling out of their depth when it comes to incorporating ‘digital’ into their traditional methods.

2020 is the year businesses should look to combine both marketing methods and shouldn’t see this as an overwhelming task; the integration can be a simple process.

This combined strategy can help make your efforts more effective. If you’re communicating consistently through all channels, awareness results will increase. 

For example, you can print a brochure which leads customers to your social media, increasing brand exposure and outperforming a single-channel campaign.  

This combined strategy can help make your efforts more effective.

Simple steps to an integrated strategy can help your business successfully plan for 2020. By combining the two methods, you can increase your brand publicity and possibly find a new lucrative audience. 

Additionally, your company may have struggled to track the progress of traditional marketing. For example, you may have put a lot of effort into designing a company brochure by incorporating a QR code so the progress could be tracked. You then have a clear example of how many people are interested. 

These are just a few simple ways your business can start making its marketing strategy 2020-ready, get in touch with our creative team to find out more. 

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