Mike Emmett

Name: Mike Emmett
Position: Director
Company: Happy Creative Ltd

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
For whatever reason, I once had a strong desire to become a dentist. Every time mum dragged me into the dentist’s, and I was comfortable in the chair, it was a piece of cake.
Dr Dawes was one of those infectious characters that had a beam of energy permanently surrounding him. He had charm, charisma and more importantly he always looked like his job was the most satisfying in the whole world. Bearing in mind, my dad was a teacher and seldom looked unstressed, often working late into the evening, always marking and often cursing under his breath.
Why didn’t I pursue dentistry? I went for two weeks on work experience and after day three, when an old lady had 11 teeth pulled out in two hours, I’d had enough! The blood, the bacteria, the smell and the fact Dr Dawes had only half his little finger on his right hand remaining.

What was your first wage packet and how did you spend it?
My spends during sixth form (a whole £39 for two evenings) came from working behind the bar at a local working men’s club. It was easily enough to fund a Saturday night out and a pizza for the long walk home.

What does your day-to-day work involve?
I am often in front of clients discussing how we can best extend their existing business models and generate increased and new channels of revenue.
The really exciting and creative elements in our proposals include our conceptual brainstorms - the fun ideas! In our ‘Happy Storms’ everyone at Happy Creative puts forward their research, thinking and big ideas.
The best way to pitch is to go armed with a proposal you conceived and developed. The passion flows in front of the client and more often than not it’s a winner.

How do you unwind?
A glass of French red on a Friday evening, with my wife, waiting for the curry to arrive.
I also enjoy a country walk on a Sunday with my wife and four year old daughter, exploring and hunting for tiny creatures under fallen tree trunks, leaves and on branches.

Describe your dream, no-expense-spared, day out:
Up early to go on a five mile run before the world gets out of bed. Then showered, into Sunday best, on a private jet with my family flying to an exclusive French chateaux for breakfast. Maybe a game of tennis on the lawn to run the croissants off.
Back in the air to a major sporting event - no wining and dining for me, I want to be part of the crowd and atmosphere. Later that afternoon, I’d like a river boat cruise (private of course) with a few light snacks on board and a cheeky flute of the sparkling stuff.
I’d wrap the day up with dinner at an exclusive restaurant with a view, possible a balcony overlooking Rome. I would enjoy a special red, with great food and a dance if I haven’t eaten too much.
I missed out the hire of a classic Aston Martin or Ferrari.

Who is your all-time hero?
Sir Alex Ferguson. He has a model, he knows it works. He has tweaked it occasionally but it has fundamentally stood the test of time for more than 25 years. An incredible man.

What is your favourite piece of advice?
Find out what model works for you and drive it passionately. It may need a tweak here and there and it will evolve – it has to. Go flourish, go succeed, go believe – in you and in your model.