MGS invests £400,000 to boost injection moulding capacity

Blackburn-based moulding specialist MGS Technical Plastics has increased both capacity and capability with the purchase of two new injection moulding machines.

mgs-400In line with the company's growth strategy MGS has invested in two additional Demag machines - a D210 model which increases capacity for lower tonnage work and a D420 model which allows more options for their customers' mid-range work.

Included in the purchase are four new Sepro robots to help operate the machines and improve shopfloor efficiencies, bringing the total investment to £400,000.

Manufacturing director Neil Garrity said: "As our business grows we invest to meet demand. We started out with a lot of smaller moulding work but we are increasingly being asked to undertake projects that have larger parts. The purchase of these machines means we are better equipped to meet our customers' requirements."

"As well as extra capacity and more flexible working, the new machinery increases our automation, which means we can work more efficiently and meet the ever increasing demands from our customers."

Garrity says the Demag range was perfect for MGS's needs: "We chose Demag because they were the best fit for our customer's tooling requirements. It has a good service backup and energy efficient servo-drive machines that makes a huge difference towards our energy consumption."

MGS has already begun its next phase of investment, increasing the size of its premises before investing in a material feed system for the machines, which will go in the extension. Garrity added: "In line with our growth strategy we've invested to improve efficiencies and provide our customers with a service that's beyond their expectations. We're investing in the business and we're all really proud of what we are building here."