Metamark makes international appointment

Lancaster-based self-adhesive materials manufacturer Metamark has appointed Jean François Carric to the role of European sales director.

Jean Franois Carric Metamark

Jean François brings deep industry experience to Metamark having spent more than 15 years in senior roles, including over 10 years with Avery Dennison.

He will be responsible for the further development and expansion of Metamark’s growing international business and for taking the rapidly developing brand to new geographical regions, many of which he has operated in previously.

He will be based in Paris but will spend most of his time in the field throughout Europe and South Africa.

Metamark CEO, Paul French said: “It’s great to welcome a well-known face and industry player like Jean François aboard. He joins Metamark in interesting times. We recently completed our MBO and we’re now serving the need of more customers, with more Metamark products than at any time since the company’s founding.

"I know that our further growth will be greatly supported by the role that Jean François delivers and that he’ll be strongly supported by a great team back at GHQ who both make the product, and who do a great job making it widely available too. Ours is a rapidly growing and deeply respected brand and Jean François has it at his and his customers’ disposal.”

Jean-François Carric added: “The Metamark brand image is very positive and strong in a market where distributors look for product consistency and reliable service.

"Over the years, Metamark has been adding value to its international channels and has supported them effectively in developing the business. I am very excited being part of a company where international expansion is clearly a key corporate strategy.” International expansion is among Metamark’s key strategic goals and filling the European sales director role represents a key step forward with the plan as Metamark looks to deliver its products and brand deeper into Europe and beyond.