Meltech forges ahead with a raft of new business wins

Blackburn-based Meltech CRE has secured a raft of new business wins with a combined value of more than £2.2m.

Company orders have grown significantly during 2013, with an influx of new orders from Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands, which will keep the Meltech CRE team busy until 2014.  Further contracts are currently under negotiation in a host of export markets, including the Americas and several European countries.

Meltech seems to be bucking an industry trend, which in recent years has seen this market polarise.  “Continuous Rotary Exclusion is a specialist niche market with just a handful of players throughout the world,” said Peter Drever, Managing Director of Meltech CRE. “Those concerned purely with the lowest price tend to choose Chinese made equipment, whilst customers requiring reliable high performance equipment and support, quality engineering and innovation turn to UK suppliers, which is the only other country producing this specialist equipment.  Historically the quality end of the marketplace was dominated by just two players, until Holton Machinery was closed by its Finnish owners in 2007.

“Since then, Meltech has steadily built a strong reputation for expertise, innovation and quality. Major customers recognise that, backed up by in-house manufacture and a tightly controlled supply chain, the breadth and depth of our engineering team sets us apart from smaller firms.”

Meltech CRE is the world’s only integrated supplier of complete CRE production lines.  Extrusion equipment produced by Meltech is designed to be as efficient and easy to use as possible. The company’s standard production line includes every aspect needed to begin extrusion, with production, cooling, coiling and packaging and control all built in to ensure a fully integrated extrusion line. “For manufacturing, this should signal the start of a gradual improvement in output and orders books through the rest of this year. Indeed better news on eurozone activity this week gives further cause for a bit of optimism for manufacturers and exporters but, importantly, we need to see output growth followed by a turnaround in business investment in the coming quarters. While we have some growth as last, the focus for policy makers still needs to be on ensuring it’s also sustainable.”