Mayor of Lancaster presents Living Wage Employer award to Nublue

The Mayor of Lancaster Jon Barry visited Lancaster-based digital business Nublue to present directors Michael and Tom Ashworth with their new Living Wage Employer award.

Living-Wage-Mayor-Visit-1500pxHe had this to say about his visit: "Nublue seems like an excellent and well-run company. This sort of medium-sized business is exactly what we need in Lancaster. I'm delighted that Nublue has become a Living Wage Employer, and hopefully one of the first of many in the district. Let's keep Lancaster a quirky and attractive place to attract the sort of talent that Nublue needs."

The company achieved Living Wage Accreditation in August, meaning that they pay all their staff above the UK Living Wage, which is currently £7.85 an hour (excluding London, where the UK Living Wage is currently £9.15 an hour.) This is the amount which is considered high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.

“The decision to pay at least the Living Wage to all of our employees is more than just an ethical one,” says Nublue MD Michael Ashworth.

“In an industry as competitive as technology, the ability to attract and retain the best local talent can be increasingly difficult. In order to sustain our high levels of expertise and service, we as a company need to stand out as an attractive employer, and offering the Living Wage is just one of the ways that we can do that.”

Nublue joins only a small few local Living Wage businesses, and is among just a handful of technology companies in the North West to receive the accreditation. The company is keen to spread the message of the benefits businesses can enjoy when they pay the Living Wage, and have produced an infographic detailing these benefits which is free to share.

Businesses paying the Living Wage to their staff can decrease turnover rate, meaning that their employees will stay loyal for longer, becoming increasingly experienced in their field. Experiencing lower turnover creates a less disrupted workforce, allowing for more quality work – and individuals could become more focussed and engaged. According to the Living Wage Foundation, 80% of employers in the same study agreed that the Living Wage had enhanced the quality of work. As well as demonstrating companies’ appreciation for their employees’ hard work, the Living Wage can also benefit businesses’ brand perception, mark them out as ethically minded and give employees more money to spend and put back into local economies. The more businesses around Lancaster that opt for Living Wage Employer status, the more this could have a positive effect on Lancaster’s overall economy.