Manufacturing Hub showcases East Lancashire's finest

Whilst East Lancashire is home to a diverse range of business operations, manufacturing has been a key industry in the county's rich history.

On Thursday 26th February, the first Manufacturing Hub event was organised in conjunction with NatWest and the Manufacturing Advisory Service. The aim of this first meeting was to showcase a “best in class” manufacturer and tell their story of growth, evolution and success.

The inaugural event was held at Hope Technology in Barnoldswick. As one of the world leaders in bicycle engineering, owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp have been pushing the boundaries of the industry since 1989.

With innovative design and testing methods, a strong brand image and a truly people focused culture, it was hard not to be inspired by their story.

With over 20 other East Lancashire manufacturers attending, the event proved extremely popular. Tim Mills, PM+M Corporate Finance Partner, commented: “The event was a great success. It’s great to see a local business succeeding by staying true to its roots. Hope Technology’s people really are at the core of its business model, and they don’t strive for growth for growth’s sake. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none and they involve their entire team every step of the way.” A series of events is now in the pipeline to offer local manufacturers further opportunity to share best practices and knowledge with other like-minded business owners.