Managing director joins Northern Mentoring Programme

Jack Bannister, the managing director of Padiham based sister companies LCWS Recycling and Rapid IT, are taking advantage of the Northern Mentoring Programme in conjunction with CB Partners (Community and Business Partners).

After meetings with Jaydee from CB Partners and Jack to determine which mentor would be the best fit for both companies Victor Giannandera was appointed as the mentor to work with Jack. 

Victor came in and assessed the current business situation and listened to Jack’s long term goal for the companies and together came up with a strategy to help Jack delivering on those aims. The mentoring programme is supportive and based on trust and mutual respect.

Jack is a young entrepreneur keen to learn through gaining new skills in how to more effectively manage people and situations more effectively and Victors business experience is helping Jack to optimise the performance of the business.

As a result Jack has made numerous changes within the businesses that have already made a real difference, these include:

  • Internal management structure changes
  • Strategy to determine focus and strategic planning
  • Implementation of Senior management and team meetings
  • Change of Accountant Services
  • Operations and Production Department methods improved
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Jack says “I am looking forward to continue to work with Victor to develop my own skills and abilities and implement future strategies in order to achieve my vision for the companies for the benefit of not only myself but for the staff and our customers.”