Managing change in the workplace

Due to the economic situation, many companies have had to downsize or restructure their workforce recently and may be feeling a little battered and bruised as they try to rebuild. The bottom line if we’re honest in nobody likes change; it scares and upsets us because we move into unfamiliar territory where fear, doubt and uncertainty creeps in.

So how do we handle it?

To eliminate fear, doubt and uncertainty in others we first have to understand from their perspective. What does it feel like to them? How do they see the world? What are they saying to themselves?

Rapport: By listening and understanding at a deeper level we start to develop empathy, openness, trust and respect. Communication improves and conversations become real. Without rapport it can feel like we are banging our head against a brick wall.

Attitude: When we trust one and another it’s more likely that we are honest about how we really think and feel. As a result attitudes and behaviours change!

Motivation: Whether we understand how others are feeling it becomes easier to recognise what motivates them. By constantly building and maintaining rapport and communication, we can begin to build and share a clearer vision with less chance of misunderstandings.

Potential: When we are all moving in the same direction and we have a shared understanding and purpose we quickly start to achieve our goals and realise our potential. This then leads to open up new options and new possibilities and growth is inevitable.

Imelda O’Keefe
IMS Coaching