Making sound choices in retirement

Retirement is a time to be looked forward to with excitement and positivity. After a lifetime of dedicating yourself to your loved ones, your work and your passions, retirement is when you can finally appreciate and experience the rewards you’ve planned so well.

For some, however, retirement can be a confusing and stressful time. Uncertainty about what the future holds can be stressful, which is why making a will is so important. Should anything happen to you, an old or unsigned will could leave your loved ones with more questions regarding your wishes than answers.

As you’ve made sound choices for your savings and assets throughout your career to protect those you care about, it makes sense to continue protecting your family and yourself. That’s why as well as a properly drafted will, powers of attorney are also vital to the continued safeguarding of your assets.

Whilst it’s possible to create a DIY will, these documents are not foolproof and it is easy to make a mistake or leave omissions. This means in the more serious cases, that your beneficiaries may not receive what you wish them to, or may even be liable to pay for fees or taxes in your name.

Retirement is when you can finally appreciate and experience the rewards you’ve planned so well.

Making your will with a qualified solicitor means you’ll be covered by the official Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. On top of drafting your will, they will be able to offer you in-depth advice on a range of pertinent subjects, including details on your inheritance tax allowance, enabling you to make decisions now to aid your family and loved ones in the future.

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