Making smart moves quickly

At the height of the pandemic and lockdown, it was difficult for many to think about what things might look like on the other side.

But since those early days, companies have had time to regroup and assess their situation, and lockdown has actually offered many organisations thinking and planning time. This has resulted in changes in business behaviour and, more interestingly, an appetite for growth and expansion.

Recruiters have a crucial role now in supporting these industries and an equally critical role in helping to rebuild the economy as a whole.

It’s going to be a big swing, from an economy with talent scarcity to one with potentially high unemployment. But how will recruitment planning look after Covid-19?

You may have varied positions to fill when the economy starts running again, and that’s a daunting to-do list at a time when you’re trying to get back up to speed as quickly as possible.

If you wait until your company comes fully back online to start trying to fill empty roles, you’ll lose valuable time - and talent.

There is, interestingly, an appetite for growth and expansion.

There are definite opportunities for those who are wanting to take advantage of a talent rich employment market, so long as you act decisively.

Tailor Made has operated across Lancashire and Manchester for over 15 years. Through the demand of the market and the training and development of our consultants we are able to offer an outstanding recruitment process. The current uncertainty means that this is an ideal time to utilise the services of a well-established recruitment company.

You may need to fill some positions on a temporary or interim basis, which can make the recruitment process more difficult. By engaging a recruitment company like Tailor Made we can offer hassle-free temporary recruitment solutions – so if you are uncertain what the future holds, we can quickly set up a hardworking and efficient workforce without having to employ them permanently.

Temporary recruitment also provides an excellent opportunity to trial staff before you offer them a permanent position, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

If you know you have permanent positions to fill, we have our own team of permanent recruitment specialists. These consultants can and will be able to manage your expectations, give you market insight and track down the people you need to make a difference to your business.

A good recruitment company will also work with your key people at a strategic level to make suggestions about what recruitment would benefit your company most – saving you time as well as potentially thousands of pounds.

Companies we work with understand the importance of employing the best people they can for their budget. We’ve grown our market share and reputation by offering this as ‘the norm’.

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