Making remote working truly secure

Since the pandemic began, even just prior, the demand for home and remote working solutions had jumped through the roof.  

This demand put incredible strain on both the supply chain for laptops, tablets and any other device which could be used remotely. 

It also caused problems for many businesses who were trying to find, and employ. a specialist who could install and configure this new technology.

Thankfully, the highly trained staff at Bowker IT managed to give all of our customers what they needed - and more - all the way through this awful time. Enabling businesses and schools who we support, to operate as normally as possible.

Unknown to most, the technology required for a lot of remote solutions has been around for a very long time but, in the main, has never really been embraced. Only owner/managers in my (our) experience were the main users.

Now, remote working seems here to stay. Who wouldn’t want a lovely room with a view to work from?

Whilst remote working is a very useful tool, particularly now, it does bring the same age old problems which need to be considered.  

From what kind of connection the remote user needs, to the “can I get Internet in my garden room?” situation – something we’re currently being asked about more and more often.

Not only that, but what about backups and disaster recovery? Support?  I think the answer is to employ an IT company which can show that it has done this before and has a proven track record in delivering these kinds of solutions.

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