Make your next event a match winner

Choosing a venue for any business meeting, corporate event or conference is always difficult as there are so many factors to be taken into consideration.

Carl DarcyBy Carl D'Arcy, national sales manager, Bolton Whites Hotel.

The anomalies between venues can be stark and that is why one of my biggest pieces of advice is to consider a venue which has its own top in-house team of preferred suppliers. It may sound odd, but believe me, not all venues do and this can lead to disastrous events where delegates and bookers are left bewildered in the aftermath.

For any event manager, it is vital that you are confident in knowing that you can deliver the high level of service that is expected from those attending your event. This is why I think it is imperative to also always use, where possible, the same suppliers too.

Not only because of their reliability and proven track record, as you will have used them many times before, but at Bolton Whites Hotel it is because of the enhanced knowledge that they have of our unique venue along with its range of capabilities, which as a result allows for great results to be achieved.

For us at Bolton Whites, we have preferred suppliers that cover all elements of an event, from an in-situ AV, sound and lighting business through to theming and entertainment suppliers and they are now teams that know and trust each other to deliver only the best for those bookers that put their faith in our hands.

Finally, long running associations with suppliers also allows you to develop a high level of trust and this forms the basis for a great working relationship, between both the supplier’s team and your own. This certainly makes for a much better working environment and encourages client retention, again due to solid foundations and strong partnerships between everyone involved as they experience a seamless event.