Magma Digital celebrates 15 years in business

Magma Digital is celebrating 15 years in business this month, a noteworthy achievement for the company that started life in Jeremy Coates’ spare bedroom.

In 1999, when the internet was just becoming widely available, Jeremy saw the potential for an internet-based business and began laying the foundations for the company.

It wasn’t long before he left his permanent job and devoted himself to his labour of love, with the support of his wife Priscilla. Magma Digital now has 22 employees and is achieving record financial growth in turnover every year.

A key highlight from the company’s history was founding the monthly PHPNW user-group meeting and the annual PHPNW conference in 2008. The conference attracts over 400 delegates from 20 countries across the globe and is the largest PHP (web programming language) conference outside of London.

Jeremy, now managing director of Magma Digital, said: “I have personal delight in seeing how the company has achieved thought-leader status in our industry through working with the PHPNW conference and our focus on excellence ensures we can look forward to an exciting future for the team.” The future looks bright for the software development agency, with the husband-and-wife team confident in their ability to continue the successful expansion of the business. The company is celebrating the milestone by delivering birthday cakes to clients and running competitions on their Facebook page.