LWDP Caring Concepts works with football clubs

LWDP Caring Concepts is offering football clubs to grasp the challenge of a changing society and to train safety and customer facing staff with the skills required to be able to communicate with and understand the needs of a person with dementia when attending the match.

LWDP Caring Concepts is bringing clubs the opportunity to sign up to a bespoke HANDS – ON Dementia programme which addresses the specific needs and environmental issues that may be encountered during the football experience for a visitor with dementia.

It also looks at the practical skills needed to communicate with and understand the needs of a person with dementia, allowing for an enjoyable match day experience for both the supporter and the stadium staff.

LWDP Caring Concepts has ambitious plans for expanding its work across wider communities by providing care information in non-care settings. The aim is that by doing so, it will contribute to people’s health and wellbeing through the development of compassionate and caring communities within our society. Their motto is to ‘put care at the heart of everything we do’.

When LWDP Caring Concepts recently moved its location to the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire, they invited football pundit Mark Lawrenson to officially open the new premises. LWDP Caring Concepts now boasts a state of the art training suite which is named after Mark. During his visit, Mark was delighted to hear about the plans to roll out this training to clubs. Mark said: "People have to have a goal and don’t want to be told they can’t go to the match because there are certain restrictions. To lead as normal life as possible for people with this sort of condition is great and to have people who are trained to actually help those with dementia is very important.”