Lomas interview: 4D Creative

Lomas Office introduces 4D Creative.

"We crossed paths with the inspiring company whilst working on a project at St Wilfrids Church Of England Academy. 4D creates unique spaces that play a major role in bringing the educational curriculum to life," says Lomas.

St Wilfrid’s Academy wanted to create a space that transformed the learning opportunities for staff and students; a space which motivates and challenges one’s thinking and harnesses technology, a WOW! space, where pupils can be creative and take the learning back into their classrooms and homes.

Lomas spoke to Pete Jones, communications and marketing officer at 4D Creative.

Lomas: Tell us about the design and plan for the St Wilfrid's 4D room

4D: The space at St Wilfrid's is being used across the curriculum for a wide range of lessons. To facilitate inspirational immersive lessons we installed a large corner area of projection, a separate presentation projection area, LED lighting to add effect and atmosphere and a surround sound system. Lomas Office's furniture matched the room perfectly, by colour coordinating with the surroundings. The completion of the project was described as WOW! by the Principal of the school who cannot thank us enough.

Lomas: How will it benefit the students?

4D: Pupils are able to influence, develop and take control of their own learning

Investigative techniques are encouraged, increasing creative thinking and questioning subject matters. Develop independent learners who collaborate together to expand their learning. Transport young people anywhere to get their minds truly immersed in the lesson

Raise attainment and develop experiential learning by putting pupils in an engaging environment

Lomas: How successful has 4D Creative been?

4D: 4D creative are a multi award winning company working across primary, secondary and SEN schools. Over the last 4 years, 4D creative have installed 60 immersive spaces across the UK and have sold 20 Pop Up Immersive Spaces in just over a year.

Lomas: What feedback did you receive from St Wilfird's High School?

4D: The school are delighted with their immersive space and have already run a successful open day in the space to showcase it to the wider community and network of schools.

Lomas: Write a brief introductory about 4D creative (style/equipment) needed to make the 4D room come alive. 4D: 4D creative immersive spaces are designed around light, sound, projection and space. Each space comes with our bespoke content that enables teachers to transport their pupils to different times, places and situations. 4D creative offer a complete turnkey package including refurbishment and design work to create the perfect space for inspirational immersive lessons.