Loft storage goes high tech and environmentally friendly

Loft Boarding NW has introduced a simple solution to the common problem of boarding lofts for storage where they already contain deep insulation.

Taking the insulation out isn't an option, and neither is just squashing it down. The answer is to install a raised sub-frame or floor above the insulation.

This will preserve the insulation and allow the all important air circulation under the boarding to prevent condensation.

A unique and very well thought out system was invented to help solve this problem.  The LoftZone raised loft floor is a three component lightweight, low cost, easy-to-install and very strong platform for storing items and walking on, while protecting the 270mm loft insulation and allowing it to save energy and cut fuel bills as intended.

It consist of three components: a strong plastic Tri-support, a strong plastic uni-support and a metal box section cross beam to attach the loft boards to.

LoftZone raised loft floor protects the insulation underneath it, and provides a strong floor for safe access and storage in a loft.

Most people know it is important to insulate your loft, because if you don't, 25% of your heating bills go out through your roof. The government recommends that everyone insulates to a depth of 270mm if they use rolls of mineral wool insulation (this is the fluffy stuff you see in most DIY stores, and is the most cost-effective solution). It's cheap and relatively simple to do this, it will pay for itself rapidly, and it will help you to feel warmer in the winter and cooler at night in the summer.

Millions of people in the UK haven't yet insulated their lofts to 270mm, and the two main reasons for this is the need to or to retain their existing storage and safe access to equipment like boilers and networking equipment, TV, air vents and so on.

The combined cost of insulation, the LoftZone raised loft floor and loft floor boards is still cheaper than the only other safe solution which is to lay rigid foam insulation on the loft floor and board above that. There is also no need to spend time cutting the foam to size nor worry about leaving air gaps. Other products to raise the height of the loft floor don't work as well because loft joists are not evenly spaced, which means it can be difficult to secure the loft boards firmly on to them. Only StoreFloor has an adjustable beam which means that you can safely screw the boards down on to them, regardless of joist spacing. The beam also allows you to bridge over any obstructions in the loft too.