Living with the BMW i3


I’m an electric driver and on average my fuel bill saving is £300 per month!

Interested in making the switch to an all-electric BMW? Here’s a real-life account from a BMW i3 driver. Heath Downes, Retail Sales Manager at Bowker Motor Group, a BMW i3 driver, was eager to share his experience of an all-electric car. Below, Heath talks about the switch from a combustion engine to electric, his initial ‘range anxiety’, fuel bill savings and the My BMW App being an essential companion for any BMW driver. Here is what Heath had to say

“I was very happy with my BMW 3 Series, but the car industry was moving forward with the introduction of electric cars. I have always been someone to move with the times, so when the BMW i3s was released, I knew what I had to do.

I was drawn in by its standout contemporary design, with forward thinking technology.  It certainly looks fresh and

modern. However, with electric cars being relatively new, I did have a little bit of “range anxiety” but I soon got to know the car’s capabilities and I was able to plan my journey to suit and the anxiety soon disappeared.

On average, my return commute is 60 miles per day, with some recreational mileage over the weekend. My domestic home smart charger optimises the best time to charge so that the vehicle is always ready before 7am the following day.

The main difference from switching to electric certainly comes from the regenerative braking on the i3. You can drive the car around town and barely need to touch the brake pedal, all the while conserving battery energy.

Ultimately, I was impressed by the performance of the i3s. However, the capability to conserve energy and driving in Eco Pro mode on A roads reveals that the car’s range can in fact be stretched through minimal adjustments in your driving style.

I have found that switching to an all-electric car has made a huge difference in terms of fuel costs compared to electric costs. On average the monthly fuel bill saving is £300 per month!

I wouldn’t go back to a petrol or diesel engine car now. The i3 does everything I need it to. It’s practical enough to seat four people in comfort. The car is easy to drive and has good sized boot space for shopping trips. Speaking of shopping trips, the i3 will travel from Lancaster to The Trafford Centre and back comfortably on a single charge.

On Using the My BMW App

I would say the My BMW App is an essential companion for any BMW driver, not just those who have an electric car. I can instantly see the remaining charge on the car and the distance available. The app will notify me when the car has been placed on charge and when it has been fully charged.

More importantly, in the winter months, you can activate the pre heat function on the car. Not only will the interior be invitingly warm, but the car will also be defrosted on colder mornings. Something which adds an extra air of satisfaction knowing that you can just drive off without having to de-ice your car.

There’s no turning back for me, and I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about making the switch to electric to do it. You won’t regret it!”

To enquire or find out more about the BMW i3 visit your local Bowker Centre, or click here to learn more.