Leyland: "Call in, we're open"

New VisitLeyland Banners have been appearing on lampposts around the town recently promoting local businesses and the VisitLeyland.co.uk website

Leyland Town Team treasurer Mark Croasdale, audit manager of accountants Haines Watts, hopes the promotion helps raise awareness of the areas local businesses.

He said: “We’d like to thank the South Ribble Council for organising the banners appearing around the town centre, we hope the promotion encourages the residents to shop local and use the towns own business services.”

Leyland’s Town Team is a volunteer group of local businesses, organisations and interested parties which meet to help develop the towns image and come up with ideas to improve the local economy.

Included with Mark on the photos are Karen Swan from Peppermint Cottage, Jemma Lloyd from Solicitors Direct, Isobel Pickering from Paces & Laces and Janet Grindrod from Poppys Flower Design, an enthusiastic group of people who all have the interests of the town at heart that work together to encourage Leyland trade. The team is focused on guiding improvements to the town centre, including advertising and promotion of the town, better events across the year, particularly Christmas, involvement in the Leyland Summer Festival, local marketing campaigns, changes to car parking arrangements, brightening streets and exciting promotions.