Leverage Linkedin for growth

So, you’ve got a LinkedIn account, check it regularly, upload posts and share colleagues’ content. That’s good right? Well, yes – but what if I said your account could do so much more and be the key to building your business or practice…

Firstly, we’re talking about your profile here, not the company LinkedIn account. People want to build relationships with people, not entities.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Create impact – is what you’re sharing interesting? (Really?) Share insight, have an opinion, ask a question. Nobody wants (or reads) vanilla content.
  • Make connections – think of your ideal customers, seek them out and send a connection request. It’s that easy.
  • (Don’t) hard sell – you wouldn’t jump in all guns blazing right away in a face-to-face scenario, so why do it online? Be the person you’d like to engage with.
  • Actually engage – LinkedIn is a social media platform, designed for interaction. Add comments, get involved, check-in regularly - and respond to others with likes or replies. Remember your manners.
  • Have a plan – keep your strategy and objectives in mind when planning what to share and who to connect with, and review the plan regularly. Common sense really.

In the current working from home/social distancing scenario, making connections and creating an impact online is now more important than ever. You can build your business during these challenging times. Leverage LinkedIn to make it happen.

Short on time or the skills to do this? Viva can help - get in touch, on LinkedIn.

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