Let the numbers do the talking!

Summer is nearly here and what better way to promote your business...

Printed t-shirts have always been at the realm of promotional merchandise. There are some heirs to the thrown trying to challenge its status but the t-shirt has always remained in its rightful place as the out and out ruler when it comes to a summer promotion so let’s look at the truth behind promotional t-shirts.

The Advertising Specialities Institute (ASI) recently carried out research on a broad spectrum of printwear users including the use of t-shirts as a printed media for carrying a marketing message.

• A t-shirt is worn 4.3 times per month.
• 84 people would come into contact with the person wearing the t-shirt for every time the item was worn.
• Multiply the 2 stats together for total number of ‘impressions’ or ‘opportunities to see’ (OTS), and the average OTS for a t-shirt is 361.
• The printed t-shirt utterly outperformed any other promotional item such as pens and calendars.

These are merely monthly figures and as we all know t-shirts do not simply get thrown away at the end of each month, the average time that was recorded for the life cycle of the product was seven months. Looking at that seven month period one simple little t-shirt has the ability to pass the marketing message of any UK company on to 2527 people.

Printed t-shirts can be bought from as little as 100 units meaning for a few hundred pounds, your message could be presented over 252,700 times! Imagine spending from only £0.001 for such a great promotional item per viewing.

This information should prove invaluable when deciding on the media type you are going to use for your next campaign and proves that printed t-shirts are undoubtedly one of the most cost effective marketing mediums available.

Danielle Crowther
Love to Brand