LEP publishes recovery plan for aerospace industry

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership has published a plan to help the county's aerospace industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

It is one of Lancashire's most important industries, employing around 17,000, but factors such as reduced levels of air travel and economic uncertainty have already caused the loss of hundreds of jobs around the county.

Now the Lancashire Aerospace Task Force has produced a report which identifies 15 interventions over the short, medium and longer term, based on three different scenarios the sector may face, which in in turn, depend on the duration of travel restrictions and quarantine rules.

The Lancashire Aerospace Recovery Plan identifies ways in which businesses can stabilise and recover from the crisis and ensure Lancashire retains its position in the global market, ready for when the sector returns to growth.

Measures range from retraining and upskillng individuals ready for a more immediate rebound through to encouraging governments to bring forward defence spending in the case of a more prolonged recovery.

Claire Whelan, director of the Ansuka Group and member of the Task Force and LEP board director, said: "The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership's Manufacturing Group took the decision to undertake a deep dive into the aerospace sector when it became clear, businesses operating within the industry were experiencing difficulties.

"By bringing together a range of businesses from those operating in the aerospace sector, the LEP obtained real-time evidence on the issues and challenges encountered, and what is needed in terms of support and interventions. This means that when the LEP is talking to Government and local partners about what is required and begins to implement the recommendations of the Task Force, it is confident that any support and interventions are based on solid evidence, provided and validated by industry."

The plan can be viewed online here.

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