Leading by example on wellbeing

How many of us have genuinely sat and watched the aircraft evacuation procedures at the start of a flight?

Morale of the story; always help yourself before you can help others, and it’s very true! It is much more beneficial to help others be their best when we are operating at our best.

The saying goes ‘start from the ground up’, however, all successful wellbeing strategies must start from the top and filter down to the bottom.

As business owners, directors or even managers, we are responsible for our employees and implementing health and safety infrastructures. We must lead by example by starting with ourselves. The proof is always in the pudding!

The perfect employee varies for every role, of every business in every industry, however, they will all share one thing… good health! Any employee struggling with their physical health will also struggle to reach their maximum potential, ultimately effecting productivity.

Should an employee be unfit to work, we can confidently say that this would equate to zero productivity. Often, they will likely work in a team that would depend on their input, meaning that their impact doesn’t just stop at their own workload either.

Any employee struggling with their physical health will also struggle to reach their maximum potential.

At Physiofusion, our job is to maximise health! Rather than work out what can’t be done, we focus on what can be done via complex assessments and anatomical knowledge.

We are very proud of the clinical excellence we supply and we are huge advocates of educating and supporting anyone that will listen about good health and Physiotherapy.

Please feel free to contact me for any advice and questions you have!

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