Leadership and the trust equation

Have your business relationships changed in the recent months? Did you need to trust more?

Trust is having a balance of warmth and competence with others. ‘The Trusted Advisor’ by Maister, Green & Galford discovered ‘The Trust Equation’, three components of our behaviour that enhance trust.

Research shows that when people seek to gain trust, they use credibility and reliability but then wonder why they aren’t trusted. Often it is a lack of intimacy

Credibility: We may have the qualifications and experience in what we do and how we present ourselves. Think about the doctor that says and does the right things whilst sticking to the facts, but lacking emotion.

Reliability: The repeated experience of promises and actions. How consistently tasks are completed and the manner they are done.

Intimacy: In this context, intimacy is enabling others to feel comfortable to discuss difficult issues. Talking about emotional issues concerning the issues at hand. Greater intimacy has its risks, but means more issues are discussed and may be resolved more quickly.

Greater intimacy has its risks, but means more issues are resolved more quickly.

Self-orientation: Self-orientated people tend to focus on themselves over others. Minimise self-orientation and follow behaviours that bring a state of focus on others.

Consider the three areas above C-R-I. How do you measure up?

Think about the area you need to work on? How can you enhance your “trust equation”? Notice the positive effect this has on your relationships and enhances your leadership qualities.

Raising your self-awareness whilst practising these behaviours, will give you a great insight into maintaining your levels of trustworthiness with colleagues and help you maintain stronger and more productive relationships and this is needed more than ever in today’s unprecedented times.

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