Lea Hough offers cautious welcome to reopening of housing market

Following the easing of a number of the lockdown restrictions in England last week, the government has effectively ‘reopened’ the housing market for business.

This move has been widely welcomed by the property industry, including Lea Hough Chartered Surveyors, and is being seen by many as a positive step to stimulate the property sector and reduce significant long-term damage.

Whilst the team at Lea Hough have been continuing to undertake property reports, such as Valuations and Condition Surveys, on vacant properties during the lockdown period, receiving the ‘green light’ to act in a wider set of circumstances is obviously positive news.

With this in mind, Lea Hough are now taking instructions for Valuations, Homebuyers Surveys, and Condition Surveys of all types.

Matthew Parkinson, partner at Lea Hough, commented:  “It is imperative to us as a firm that we take all steps necessary to reduce the risks associated with Covid-19 on our employees, clients and property occupants. We will therefore be adopting a sensible approach to taking on work, employing risk assessments and ensuring that we are able to work in a safe and socially distanced manner.”

To this end, Lea Hough have therefore implemented a set of new guidelines which we will adhere to in relation to all property inspections going forward. These include:

  • phoning prior to arranged inspections to make sure the occupant does not have symptoms of Covid-19 or is not self-isolating
  • arranging for the property to be vacant / limited occupancy throughout the course of the inspection
  • wearing PPE and carrying hand sanitiser
  • keeping social distance
  • refraining from touching anything as far as possible during inspections

Matthew continued: “We are confident that by applying these measures, we will be able to undertake the vast majority of inspections safely.”

With the housing market being such a key pillar of the overall economy, the government have clearly taken the decision to try and keep things moving as much as possible, thus reducing the impact of long-term damage. It is hoped that with this move, the property industry can revive itself over what is traditionally a very busy period.

As ever, Lea Hough’s team are happy to explain the options available, helping you to decide on the most suitable option for your circumstances. Their surveyors can be contacted via their website www.leahough.co.uk, or by calling 01772 458866.