Lancashire3D invests in sustainability


Lancashire3D, the Preston based 3D printing firm, has introduced a new system which reuses materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

There are currently no facilities which process post 3D Printing waste in the area, and so the company has introduced its own measures, including reusing the byproducts of production and collecting unwanted materials from customers.

The waste is then converted back into raw materials that can be used once again for 3D printing. It is anticipated that Lancashire3D will reclaim more than 165kg of plastic wastage (bioplastics and oil-based) in a 12 month period from the primary 3D printing process alone under its sustainable plastics program.

Called the Sustainable Range, these recycled plastics will complement its existing Filamentive recycled plastics and will be offered to customers at a discounted price, allowing Lancashire3D Ltd to pass on the savings from reclaiming plastics.

Steven Pearson, co-founder of Lancashire3D, said: "We know that the planet has a finite amount of resources and that we all need to take more responsibility. Governments are making plans to take action, consumers are vowing to change their behaviour, and businesses like ours are stepping up to help.

Consumers are vowing to change their behaviour, and businesses like ours are stepping up to help.

"By creating a circular economy (production), which means that when finished with, 3D printing material returns for recycling and is changed back to printable material and reused, waste is seen as a resource and part of a continuous cycle."

Lancashire3D's other sustainable initiatives include on site recycling which reduced emissions and using 100 per cent recyclable paper based packaging.

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