Lancashire workers urged to test for coronavirus


Those who cannot work from home and must still travel to work are being urged to get regular rapid Covid-19 tests which are available at testing sites across the county.

The aim of the regular testing is to help keep essential workers safe by identifying those who are carrying the virus but are not showing symptoms, and could be unknowingly spreading the virus to their colleagues or to the wider community.

The testing is not yet available to the general public and is specifically for those who must still travel to work but have no Covid-19 symptoms. The testing sites are in place in all 14 districts of Lancashire.

Angie Ridgwell, chair of the Lancashire Resilience Forum, said: "It is estimated that around one in three people may not show symptoms but are still infectious and could unknowingly pass on Covid-19 to colleagues or loved ones. It is vital that we identify these people and break the chains of transmission. This will ensure that the people of Lancashire who cannot work from home are protected at work and that businesses can continue to operate safely.

"If you cannot work from home and your workplace is not signed up to Lancashire's workplace testing programme, please get tested regularly for Covid-19 at your nearest site."

Businesses across the county can also register for Lancashire's workplace testing programme, so they can set up on-site testing facilities where staff can be trained to carry out testing on a regular basis.

Employers and businesses can find out more about workplace testing and register their interest online. Details of testing sites can be found:  in the links below:

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