Lancashire innovation gains EU approval

Lancashire based company Dext Heat Recovery has, after a year of design and prototype work, had its newest product tested to European Standards

The product, an innovative and forward-thinking design of fire basket was created after some of the company's clients gave them the challenge of recovering heat from open fires on their premises, and turning that wasted energy into useful heat.

A decision was made to create a fire basket to replace the conventional fire baskets normally installed. The challenge was to come up with effective heat capture and transfer, whilst maintaining a strong and safe design.

Six prototypes were designed and discarded through the process, before coming up with a design that was functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing to the client. This fire basket would incorporate a novel design of heat exchanger as part of the fabric of the basket.

The final prototype utilised the engineering skills of two other Lancashire companies, Pendle Engineering and Ballpark Engineering for their respective specialised skillsets.

After testing the final prototype at their own test lab, Dext made some final changes to the finished product, and it was despatched to a Notified Laboratory for testing to European Standards. Dext was then informed that the fire basket had passed with flying colours, exceeding initial design parameters. With the approval for CE marking received, there is now the green light for manufacturing to go ahead which will all take place in Lancashire.