Lancashire disability charity puts support behind Wheelchair Football Association

Lancashire-based disability charity, Skiggle, has been working to raise its profile across the UK with its sponsorship of the Wheelchair Football Association’s 2021/22 National League.

The partnership has seen Skiggle receive brand presence for all Premiership & Championship National League fixtures held at the Lee Westwood Centre in Nottingham with games also being streamed live on the WFA’s You Tube channel. Skiggle pitchside advertising boards have been raising awareness of the charity and the services and support it provides to disabled people, their families and carers all over the UK.

Skiggle is the only charity of its kind in the UK. In addition to providing vital help and support to people with disabilities, the innovative charity operates an emergency SOS system and runs an online Marketplace for people to urgently access specialist disability equipment, care consumables, and other products. 

Charity development manager at Skiggle, Helen Taylor, said: “We were really excited for the charity to have established a partnership with the WFA. Skiggle is a great fit for the Powerchair Football Community and we always welcome opportunities to introduce more people to the charity and increase our reach across the UK. The more people who become aware of Skiggle, the more chance we have to provide our services to a larger audience and to be there to help people when they need it most.

“It’s been great to see the Skiggle branding alongside all of the players, coaches, parents, and carers attending the matches, as well as reaching even more people watching the matches from home on the WFA’s social channels.

“Our values are similar to the WFA in that life comes before a disability and we’re passionate about people with disabilities being able to enjoy the same quality of life as anyone else. That’s ultimately why we started Skiggle and that’s what drives us every day to continue to build, invest in, and believe in our unique charity.”

WFA national development officer, Ryan Sipple, said: “We’re delighted to have had Skiggle as one of our National League’s Pitchside Sponsors. Skiggle is an incredible charity that strives to provide people with round-the-clock access to disability care products and equipment.”

The WFA National League sees 24 teams across the length and breadth of the UK – from the South Coast up to the North East – compete across two divisions at the Lee Westwood Centre in Nottingham.