Lancashire Business View puts the spotlight on young talent and reveals the ‘ones to watch’

Lancashire Business View has put the spotlight on the county’s up and coming young business talent and the part they will play in our post-pandemic fightback. 

The new May/June 2021 issue of the magazine features a specially compiled list of the young entrepreneurs and innovators playing a major role in taking the county’s economy forward. 

The feature is part of Lancashire Business View’s ongoing Sub36 campaign to showcase the county’s young business talent.  

It focuses on the work of some of the most influential, innovative and inspiring young men and women, all aged under 36, who are going to help drive Lancashire’s economic recovery post-Covid. 

From the nominations, received from across Lancashire and from all sectors, the magazine has chosen, with the aid of a specially invited panel, a list representing the very best of the county’s up and coming talent – the ‘one’s to watch’. 

Lancashire Business View publisher Richard Slater said: “With the help of our readers we are able to showcase some of the inspirational and talented young people already making a massive contribution to our economy.” 

The new issue also includes full in-depth coverage of the Lancashire International Trade Conference 2021, organised by Lancashire Business View. 

It reports how Lancashire businesses in all sectors have been challenged to step up and play their part in forging Britain’s global future. 

We are able to showcase some of the inspirational and talented young people already making a massive contribution

Lynne Gillen, export manager for the county at the Department for International Trade (DiT), threw down the gauntlet during the online conference. 

She told delegates: “I’d like to challenge everybody, if they are not exporting now, just to look at one new market and look at the potential of that market. 

“If they are exporting already, I’d like them to look at another market they have not considered before.” 

Lynne added: “There is a real appetite for trade-led recovery.” And she also urged businesses to get involved in shaping the country’s future export strategy, telling delegates: “There has never been a better time to influence policy.” 

She stressed that businesses in Lancashire were not alone in their export journey, with a “vast amount of support” available to them. The magazine’s coverage of the conference explores those themes. 

The issue also includes coverage of Lancashire Business View’s 2021 Health and Wellbeing Conference. Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, the county’s director of public health, was one of the key speakers. He told delegates that bringing together the health and wealth creation agendas had the potential to make a major difference in Lancashire. 

Other features in Lancashire Business View’s issue 98 include an in-depth interview with Hotter chief executive Ian Watson, who reveals why he is confident the UK’s biggest footwear manufacturer will continue to make great strides on its journey towards new owners and a bright digital future. 

He also looks back on a challenging two years leading the step-change at the Skelmersdale business that sells more than 1.3 million pairs of shoes a year and currently employs around 500 people.  

The current issue also includes all the regular Lancashire Business View features, including ‘Hotspot’ which examines at the opportunities and challenges facing central Lancashire and ‘Dealmakers’ which looks at successful ‘buy-to-build’ strategies. 

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