Know your carbon footprint and benefit your business

You know your profit, your turnover, your margins. You probably see your overheads in your sleep. So is it time more businesses knew the numbers regarding their carbon footprint?

Emissions. Carbon. CO2. CO2e. You’ll have seen all of these used in conjunction with carbon footprint. Yet most businesses don’t know theirs. Do you? Because if you don’t know, there are lots of benefits to finding out.


Knowing your carbon footprint today gives you a baseline to work from when planning improvements. Unless you know the figure now, how do you know what difference your improvements made?


It can make tendering easier, because as more organisations add environmental elements to their procurement processes, knowing the numbers cuts the cost and complexity of each tender.

If you don’t know your carbon footprint, there are lots of benefits to finding out.

Cutting costs

Knowing your carbon footprint can help lower costs in a range of ways. It can help you cut the cost of the energy you buy. It can highlight energy peaks and troughs, and help you make improvements to lessen the impact of costly peaks. It can identify processes or equipment that are proving the biggest drain on energy and help you make improvements. And it can lower overall energy usage, which gives you an immediate cost benefit, and a future benefit as energy costs rise.

When you know the numbers, you can take action. And when you take action, you can lower costs as well as emissions.

Throughout Lancashire, there’s access to free support through projects like MaCaW, to help companies find out their carbon footprint, and importantly, how to reduce it.

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