KeyFleet makes major investment in online fleet management system

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our all-new in-house online fleet management software system, Keys, which represents months of development work and more than £100,000 of investment.

Marc KeyFleetBy Marc Mcloughlin, KeyFleet.

Keys has been developed to serve a requirement for fleet operators to control and manage their drivers and vehicles centrally whilst controlling processes and costs.

Many clients still try perform this function with expensive or complex systems at the moment or are trying to get by on paper or spreadsheets.

This is a major six figure investment for KeyFleet which underpins our commitment to the SME fleet market and we believe that the look, feel and functionality of the system makes Keys the leading platform of its type for our target client base.

Take a 14 day FREE trial of Keys here.

Getting all of your fleet data in one place is the simple starting point for any fleet process or initiative you undertake and having an easy to use, simple, cost effective platform to make complex tasks that much easier – especially for the ‘job share/non fleet manager’ employee, makes life that little bit easier and allows you to focus on your businesses core activity.

Because we actively require a system internally to deliver our own outsourced fleet management service we are acutely aware of the requirements of the end user. As you can imagine we have been very demanding and specific in our development of Keys and because of the fast developing nature of our industry we will continue to develop the system to enhance the user experience and to enable our fleet clients to meet their objectives and obligations.

Combining our existing compliance, management, telematics and vehicle supply services with a market leading in house software platform is an extremely strong proposition that provides huge value to the sector that is just not available anywhere else.

Keys is for any business, large or small, that runs even a small number of vehicles/drivers and with even the smallest amount of fleet experience or IT skills you can start to control your vehicles and drivers like a pro. If you have found access to your vehicle data, driver info and important dates and tasks hard to manage, across various departments and platforms, then Keys is just what you are looking for.

KeyFleet 14 daysKeys Features

  • Direct DVLA lookup for MOT, RFL and Vehicle Data
  • Mobile login for remote vehicle checks
  • Manage and store licence checking data for drivers
  • Full easy to use reporting suite
  • Manage all your invoices for maintenance, fines and costs
So why should you use a fleet management software system?

Compliance – you have a legal obligation to have a central record and audit-able history of your fleet in terms of licence checking, vehicle maintenance, training and vehicle condition checks.

Control – by having all of your data in one place you can start to control certain processes, report on costings and get your fleet organised the way you want it.

Cost reduction – once you have visibility on all of your maintenance costs, fines, finance and leasing information you can start to make informed decisions.

Contract management – ever gone over contract mileage or had a contract end date sneak up on you? With Keys you can manage and report on your vehicle contracts and pro actively manage your replacement cycle, mileages and vehicle provision.

Reminders of key dates – with a direct link to the DVLA you have live access to vehicle data,MOT dates, road tax expiry and much more – Keys will even remind you by email if you miss anything or have any important tasks to perform.

Reporting – wouldn’t it be great if you could just view all of your vehicles and drivers and costs on screen or in CSV/Excel format at your convenience? With reporting – simplicity is key and the ability to customise your reporting is a huge benefit.

Condition checks – getting regular vehicle condition checks is essential but also difficult to manage paperwork across multiple locations – with Keys your drivers can access their own Driver Portal and submit regular condition checks online via their mobile.

Journey recording – Regardless of you method of fuel provision you have a requirement to record vehicle journeys (business vs personal) for your fuel VAT reclaim, BIK purposes and of course cost control and accuracy of reimbursement. Do this with ease with Keys.

Grey fleet management – with Keys you can give your grey fleet drivers access to their own vehicle and records so that they can update certain information and upload documents. Take a 14 day FREE trial of Keys here.