Keeping new recruits engaged

Did you know that one in three new starters already has their eyes on their next job?

Losing a new employee is a waste of your time and resources, but you can improve your chances of keeping new recruits with a thorough onboarding process.

Most importantly, you can’t drop a new starter into the middle of your organisation and expect them to flourish. They require guidance about their role and what’s expected of them in terms of objectives as well as behaviour.

Inform their line managers, too, so that they can effectively review performance and offer help.

Communicate your expectations at every stage and encourage the new starter to give feedback and ask questions. This enables them to structure the process - and what is happening next - in their own minds. 

And don’t relegate onboarding to a tickbox exercise, or it just won’t work. Make it a priority, and give the task to an ambassador of the company who can help new starters buy into the company’s vision. 

Make onboarding a priority, give the task to an ambassador of the company.

So often, the vision is used in adverts and interviews to entice new recruits and then forgotten as soon as they join. It needs to be kept alive to keep your employees engaged.

Here’s a reality check you can do yourself: imagine how you want new starters to feel on their first day, then ask a recent recruit for their honest review for comparison. 

Is your onboarding process engaging, fun and informative? If your new recruits are leaving within six months, then almost certainly not. That means it’s time to revisit your onboarding process and the person delivering it.

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