Keeping HR fit throughout the year

There may still be a chill in the air but January is officially over. For those who had a ‘dry January’ or used the first month of the year to kick-start a new fitness or diet regime, you may well be breathing a sigh of relief!

By Karen Credie, KMCHR.

Personally, I noticed the usual influx of new faces when trying to get a space in my regular yoga class this January. But if past tradition is anything to go by, as we head into February, the wave of new year’s fitness enthusiasts will soon fade away as the impetus provided by the start of the new year is lost.

This annual phenomenon got me thinking; I wonder if the same applies to HR? We may have good intentions to do things right and look after our staff at the start of the year, but how do we keep our businesses ‘HR fit’ all year round?

Here are a few top tips on getting, and importantly keeping, HR fit!

Core training

In order to develop and increase your fitness, you need a strong core. So far as HR goes, a strong core is based around a business’ contracts of employment and employee handbook. When was the last time you reviewed these? Are they still relevant to the current size and roles of your workforce? Have you updated them in line with developments in the law? These documents are the backbone to your employment of staff and are vital to fall back on should any employment issues ever arise. It’s time to dust them down and give them a good once over!

Give yourself a fitness timetable

The biggest hurdle to going to the gym to exercise is sometimes just the process of getting there; once you’re there it’s usually not that bad! This is often the same with HR activities; we put them off until a staff issue comes to light, by which time it’s too late! Make it easier by setting yourself certain milestones that you want to achieve. For example, you could aim to get your employee handbook reviewed by March, your contracts of employment overhauled in April and an up-to-date system to monitor holidays and absence by June.

Keep up to date with the latest fitness regimes

Fitness trends and regimes develop and to maintain optimum fitness, it is a good idea to vary your training regime and keep up to date with the latest workout trends. So far as HR goes, employment law is regularly updated and if you’re not careful, you can find yourself falling foul of regulations. To avoid this, keep a close eye on developments and changes and don’t let things slide; seek advice and act on any changes so you are fit and ready.

Get a personal trainer!

We all struggle to keep on track sometimes, that’s where personal trainers come in. If you are unsure how to go about achieving your HR fitness goals or simply need a bit of a ‘push’ now and again to keep on the right track, an HR expert can be the helping hand you need. For one-to-one coaching, help in undertaking a specific HR project or simply need access to an HR advisor on an ad-hoc basis, KMC HR can be your HR Personal Trainer. Get in touch with us to find out more.