John Amaechi: Developing an inclusive workplace with the 'Promises of Giants'

In this episode Michael Costello spends time with the inspirational Psychologist John Amaechi OBE – well admired for making his way from humble beginnings in the north of England to playing in the NBA with teams like Orlando Magic and more recent work on equality and diversity – being bold enough to raise the issues of bias, racism and White Privilege in the workplace & our wider society.

The discussion explores John's new book "The Promises of Giant"s and the promises critical to John’s own career in the NBA, in Psychology & his personal development.

The discussion explores the different ways in which discomfort can help us grow as individuals, the lessons learnt from the racism witnessed during the Euros, whether we should we be watching the world cup in Qatar next year (with its questionable human rights record) and how inclusivity played its role in the success of his former basketball team Orlando Magic.

You'll join the start of the discussion with John completing Jung's Word Association Test….why not play along at home?

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