It's the economy, stupid

Recent weeks have seen the economy at the forefront of Covid and Brexit debates.

Leaders are at war over lockdown business support, and there is rhetoric and oneupmanship on show in Brussels and Westminster over State Aid.

But underlying it all is the need to keep our businesses working, profitably if possible, but certainly alive and giving jobs to our local workforce, performing their roles as the engines in our local economy.

And they are. Lancashire’s export figures have held strong this last seven months, our manufacturers in many cases are back on three shifts with order books full past Christmas.

But this is not easy. And it requires support, both from our chancellor, and our Lancashire leaders - support that needs to be finessed to best suit our businesses.

Government and the public sector at large does not always understand our needs, and so we need you to tell them what we need to not just survive, but to thrive.

Government and the public sector does not always understand our needs

Yes we have the Job Support Scheme with more wage subsidies, and Kickstart providing six months of fully-funded, wages-paid job placements for young people. Hundreds have been offered in firms across Lancashire, and so can you by contacting your chamber.

But there are also huge questions:

  • What businesses fall into the box of ‘must close’?
  • What businesses should we campaign for to have in that box of “may close - and receive support’?
  • What business support is needed next?
  • What businesses have consistently missed out on any support at all?

Tell us - tell me - make sure your voice is heard. Let’s make sure we fight to get the support all our businesses need. Now.