ISO9001 status retained for F&W warehouse and distribution operations

The team here at Fagan & Whalley remains committed to our customers, and the various quality accreditations we’ve worked hard to acquire over the years are a key part of that commitment, offering a testament to the dedication of our teams in working to the highest possible standards, and providing our customers with the peace of mind that their goods will remain part of a carefully moderated end-to-end process.

Following a recent audit, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully met the high standards set by the BSI once more, achieving ISO9001-accredited status for a further three years.

“The standard, which is based on fundamental quality management principles with a strong customer focus, establishes a foundation of excellence in the industry, and our certification demonstrates to both existing and prospective customers that, even despite the difficulties faced by our sector in recent times, we have remained committed to upholding our core values, and we have achieved doing so,” says F&W head of compliance, Martyn Richardson.

“This accreditation would not be possible without the commitment and dedication from everyone in the F&W family, and our thanks go out to every team member for their continued efforts. We look forward to extending the scope of all of our quality accreditations to the new warehouse and operations site at Frontier Park soon.”