Is your brand holding you back?

Emotion is at the heart of all good brands. But if you are more emotionally connected to your brand than your customers, it could be holding back your growth.

Business owners especially can feel a lot of love for brands that have been with them since the start of their journey.

But businesses develop over time, and if your customers are not feeling the connection you are, there will be a number of tell-tale signs.

Here’s how to spot if your brand isn’t connecting:

You’re attracting the wrong customers

If your customers aren’t who you had in mind, it could mean that there is a misalignment between your brand identity and what you offer.

Your customers are unclear about what you do

A weak brand can lead to confusion for your audiences. A strong brand encapsulates what you do and who you do it for.

You’re finding it harder to attract the top talent

You want the best people to be super keen to work with you and help your company flourish. The dynamism of your brand will be reflected in the kind of people who want to work for you.

You have noticed a fall in sales

If your brand doesn’t feel fresh to your customers, your competitors might seem more enticing.

If any of the above sound familiar, perhaps it’s time to cut the emotional ties and take a fresh look at your brand?