Is no cost recruitment too good to be true?

Everywhere you turn you will hear that the economy is on the up – businesses are hiring, there’s a competitive market full of candidates looking to get into jobs, and this may fill you with confidence when looking for your next member of staff.

James Blackburn VedasBy James Blackburn, managing director, The Vedas Group.

It can also make things harder for you if you don’t have the time, money or expertise to operate a full scale recruitment process.

As we are operating in this candidate rich jobs market advertising one role can lead to an average of 100 applications, not to mention that filling a role can take anything from around 20 – 40 days.

Here is where having an experienced recruiter on board, guiding you through the process and short listing on your behalf will save you valuable time as well as money.

You’re a business, you may have one role to fill, you may have 50, you may have tried and tested ways to find the right staff, you might not – so what are the real benefits you can get from using this no cost recruitment service?

• Advice on the different ways of recruiting; do you need a skills match or an attitude match • Help with writing job specifications and adverts • Access to a massive database of candidates • Your job will be advertised on our jobs boards and local job boards • A screened shortlist of suitable candidates CVs

And what’s the catch?

There isn’t one – there really is no cost.

The Vedas Group has been established since 1999 and we have extensive experience in delivering employment support and people development programmes throughout Lancashire.

Having delivered the National Careers Service since 2001, the Work Programme since 2011 as well as working in partnership with the Job Centres and many leading colleges and development agencies we have developed a vast network of candidates.

Because we utilise funded programs to get people into work this is how we can help you, for free.

So far since we launched this service at the start of 2015 we have already saved businesses in East Lancashire in the region of quarter of a million pounds. So why not see if we can save you valuable time and money and find you the next employee your business is looking for?