Is Anywhere Operations the future of work?

With most of us having to work remotely for the last 18 months, many SMEs are asking what the future of work looks like.

Anywhere Operations could be the answer.

What is 'Anywhere Operations'?

Anywhere Operations is defined by Garter as:

“An IT operating model designed to support customers everywhere, enable employees everywhere and manage the deployment of business services across distributed infrastructures. It is more than simply working from home or interacting with customers virtually. It delivers unique value-add experiences across five core areas: collaboration and productivity, secure remote access, cloud and edge infrastructure, quantification of the digital experience and automation to support remote operations.”

Essentially, it's about decentralising your business and no longer relying on a physical workplace to operate.

What are the benefits?

There's a long list of benefits to anywhere operations, which we discuss in more detail here: Anywhere Operations: The Future of Work

Here's a list of potential benefits to your business to get you started.

  1. Improve productivity
  2. Boost collaboration
  3. Secure, remote access
  4. Coherent customer support
  5. Empowered employees
  6. Automate processes
  7. Cost efficiency

How you can adopt Anywhere Operations

Anywhere Operations centres around effective and productive business operations that can be completed anywhere.

It's far beyond the drive for continued remote working, encompassing all areas of the business to ensure you're adding value to your customers.

The first step to adopting an Anywhere Operations model is to map your processes so that you can identify potential barriers to you achieving an Anywhere Operations model.

It's a trend that isn't going away, and as we adapt to the new way of working, it's vital that we look at better ways to serve our customers. Anywhere Operations could be the answer.