Investing in our sites - Safety upgrades

Our site at Coventry was acquired in 2012 following a period of expansion in the business, and now provides a central location in the UK which is core for our operations. 

Initially serving as a coach depot for holiday travel company, Shearings, over the years we have continued to make significant investments into the facilities at Coventry to adapt the site to our requirements, most recently of which has involved substantial upgrades made to improve the site’s safety and security. 

“Having recently restructured internally in order to facilitate further growth and our aspirations for development and expansion, the next logical step was to take a look at our current facilities and evaluate whether there was any room for improvement, and inevitably there was,” explains F&W Operations Strategy Director, Daniel Wood.

“When we reviewed our Coventry site, it became clear to us that there was a potential for investment to be made in increasing the site’s safety and security, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. 

“With this project, we have sought to modernise the depot by upgrading the infrastructure and installing new equipment to provide a safer working environment. As well as remodelling the entrance area to incorporate a sliding gate and barriers where there was once a security hut, we’ve also upgraded to a monitored CCTV system, and installed better lighting around the yard perimeter. 

“The Coventry site serves as a main hub for one of our valued clients - logistics suppliers, CHEP - providing a vital base to facilitate trade around the Midlands. Currently, the depot offers a three-bay workshop, a small warehouse, and the facilities to support a small team of planning staff, whilst externally there is plenty of space to accommodate vehicles and storage for CHEP’s transport needs. As we are committed to making continual improvements in order to further streamline our operations, the development of the Coventry site is ongoing.” 

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