Intelligent CCTV to help you meet government guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for businesses and workers this year, which are most likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Most significant is the need for social distancing, temperature checks and maskwearing at premises, and many companies are having to find new ways to monitor capacity and ensure guidelines are met.

With CTU Services’ CCTV Camera Systems, companies can easily monitor capacity, check for abnormal body temperatures, make sure every customer or staff member is wearing a mask, and ultimately ensure compliance with Government guidelines.

“We offer a wide range of systems for both domestic and commercial use, complete with the latest advanced technologies such as thermal imaging and AI,” explained Joe Ibrahim. “This removes added stress forstaff as they can help ensure clients are safe to attend their premises.

"Our CCTV technology can check temperatures, automatically assess whether someone is wearing a mask, and monitor capacity.”

For the catering and hospitality industries, as well as food manufacturers, this kind of technology is crucial to ensure the safe day-today running of operations.

One of CTU Services’ latest products is the Mini Thermal Camera, designed with the retail and the hospitality industries in mind. Easy to install and use, this camera can be either wall-mounted or positioned with a stand.

It can be connected to door entry systems, identifying abnormal temperatures of anyone who enters the location and disallowing entry if they are not wearing a face covering. And, by adding a flow camera, it can also count people in and out of venues to ensure capacity limits are not exceeded.

To further help with adhering to Government guidelines, CTU Services offers the People-Flow Monitoring Kit.

This helps to address the challenge of social distancing in locations such as supermarkets and hospitality venues. The system detects how many people are present in the targeted area and displays the figure in real-time.

If the capacity limit is reached, the system’s display immediately indicates that no more people should enter.

In short, the kit offers:

  • Real-time alarm when the pre-set value is exceeded
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • High accuracy thanks to AI technology
  • Access to the DMSS remote surveillance app
  • Access to the DSS express PC software for video management from your computer
  • Can be supplied with various access control gates

Of course, many businesses have suffered financially during this time and may not be in a position to invest in such technology.

However, CTU Services wants to help as many places as possible to be able to operate safely and carry out a duty of care to their staff and clients. “We understand that in the current situation, companies are watching the money they spend.

For this reason, we now offer a rental package. This requires a small deposit and then rentals start at £15 per week for the no contact wrist and facial model, with other models also available. This makes our thermal imaging and CCTV equipment more than affordable,” explained Joe.

To find out more information on CTU Services’ full range and how it can help you through the challenges this year has brought, head to the website or get in touch:

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