Inspiring employees through purpose

Many organisations are assessing their working practices and the way their workforce operates. 

Refusing an application for flexible working, for organisations that have adequately dealt with employees working from home, will become difficult in future - if not from a legal perspective, then certainly from a cultural one. 

Many employees may wish to return to work to see colleagues but that is unlikely to be a permanent requirement and more flexible working will be the legacy of this pandemic.

Leaders may immediately conclude they need people in the office to pick up where they left off and return to what they know works. They may fear their culture will suffer as a result of a flexible workforce.  

So, an organisation’s purpose is more important than ever.  Why?

  •  A clear purpose can inspire employees to feel they belong to something bigger than just the role they perform
  • It creates an understanding throughout an organisation as to what collectively the organisation is looking to achieve
  • Employees require direction, a common goal that motivates them and brings them together
  • Clear purpose creates consistency in decision making and customer engagement
  • Clear purpose builds an understanding within a team that far outweighs the need to physically sit together

Leading an organisation through the lens of a strong purpose creates an ability to build strong, long lasting trust with employees and customers. It can engage employees in difficult times and provide direction when difficult decisions need to be made.  

If you want to review your purpose or start to understand how to build one - contact us.

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