Infrastructure/industrial photography

Anyone who had known me for a long time will know I am am into eco issues I have been for many many years but would not really consider myself an eco warrior, more middle of the road practical stuff.

Anyway along with this I also am a geek, tech, industrial, engineering stuff like that. I know it doesn't always go hand in hand with the planet saving stuff but things are changing. I really do think we are on the edge a massive industrial revolution in power supply, recycling and general more environmentally conscious engineering (not just a green wash as that won’t wash!!).

Engineering and environmental how good a combination is that to photograph. I was recently commissioned by Iona Capital to capture some infrastructure images of a number of biogas plants in Scotland and Cumbria. Nice one!!

Basically they turn sh*t into gas. This is piped into the gas network to be used by industry and domestic or used to generate electricity onsite to be fed into the National Grid. There are other byproducts that are also used in various industrial processes and well as the digestate which is perfect to go back on to farmland. All from farm waste.

It is not the most glamorous area of photography but it is to me. Being on site working with engineers who are passionate about their subject is refreshing and fascinating. The level of complexity and what is actually involved in making this stuff is amazing. What I do find with many engineers who are into their subject is they are really like to help out with the photography, they often know really good vantage points or other points of interest which really makes for a collaborative process.

I remember a picture editor I used to work for said “Photography gets you to places most other people can’t go” This is so true of infrastructure photography, getting behind the scenes (back stage!!) access is something I always look forward to.

If you would like someone who is genuinely interested in infrastructure/industry to help photograph your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Cheers