Improving access to finance for SMEs

By Chris Carter, regional director, Liquidity Club

SMEs continue to play a key role in the UK economy, so it is crucial to support their growth and innovation.

Access to finance is a critical part of helping them to achieve this but one of challenges is knowing what the right type of funding for your business is and how to go about this. Sometimes traditional finance will be the answer but increasingly we are seeing the rise of more flexible types of cash-flow funding and asset-based lending coming to the fore.

With the ever-growing funding options in the market it is important to understand what solution will best suit your company’s needs. This is where it helps to have a financial provider that has a deep understanding of your business and the funding options available.

It is here that the team at Liquidity Club can assist because we work with business owners to help them to choose the right finance provider, managing the funding process from start to finish and liaising with funders of your behalf to secure the best financial deal.

Structured debt packages increasingly underpin successful growth strategies.

Structured debt packages increasingly underpin successful growth strategies and our experience of debt advisory ensures that clients looking to raise capital or refinance existing facilities can be presented with impartial financial solutions that are tailored to suit each individual business.

The ethos at the Liquidity Club is very much around simplifying what can be a daunting process and by working in partnership with you to achieve a tailored funding package to support your future aspirations.