ICT Reverse hires scientific advisor to lead sustainability drive

ICT Reverse has hired the University of Salford's Prof Joe Sweeney to help develop its environmentally-friendly systems and processes.

The Morecambe company helps businesses to achieve their sustainability goals and achieve GDPR compliance through its secure IT asset disposal services.

Prof Joe Sweeney is dean of the university's School of Science, Engineering and Environment and brings more than 30 years’ of experience working in the sector to the role. He is founder and chair of the Royal Society's Industry Fellows College and has published more than 100 scientific articles.

He has also been responsible for securing grants totalling more than £9 million from charities, research councils and industry, both in the UK and internationally.

Craig Smith, managing director of ICT Reverse, said: "We are a company that focuses on sustainability and have been collaborating with Joe on a number of exciting projects where his help has been invaluable. To have Joe agree to work with us and advise us as we move forward is a massive coup.

“He is a hugely respected expert in his field and when he offered to help, I was overjoyed, and I know he will make a massive contribution to the important projects we are working on.’’

Prof Joe said: "I have been working with Craig and ICT on an exciting project in collaboration with Lancaster University which looks to extract precious metals from recycled goods, and I have been really impressed with the company’s ideas.

“I am passionate about the environment and especially driven by the idea of ‘corporate recyclability’ where businesses and households can responsibly recycle everything that goes into their premises or homes.

“I am really looking forward to getting involved with ICT Reverse to look at areas like this and other possible scientific developments that could help businesses and individuals tackle the climate crisis."